Conferences and Seminar Presentations

  • 2023start


    Monetary and Capital Markets Policy Forum IMF (invited);

    The Energy Transition Event 2023, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (invited).

  • 2022start


    New science-based key messages for finance audiences, Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) and Laudes Foundation (invited);

    Waddesdon Club Research Conference, Chatham House (invited);

    Equilibrium webinar “Towards COP27: Addressing Climate, Cost and Vulnerability” (invited);

    27th Annual EAERE Conference (Rimini);

    43rd IAEE International Conference (Tokyo).

  • 2021start


    1st IAEE Online Conference (Paris);

    26th Annual EAERE Conference (Berlin);

    4th GRASFI Annual Conference (Beijing);

    Binational Conference on the intersection of climate change and water, agriculture and economics: UK-Mexico conversation to increase bilateral cooperation (invited)

  • 2019start


    Frontier research: creating pathways to sustainability, European Research Council Conference, Brussels (invited);

    Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA), London;

    24th Annual EAERE Conference, Manchester (invited);

    International Institute of Green Finance (IIFG) CUFE, China (invited);

  • 2018start


    41st Annual IAEE Conference “Transforming Energy Markets”, Groningen

  • 2017start


    Florence School of Regulation (FRS) Climate Annual Conference (EUI);

    Webinar GGKP “Can We Achieve Economic Development & Climate Goals Together? Applying Win-Win Strategies” (invited);

    40th Annual IAEE Conference “Meeting the Energy Demands of Emerging Economies, Implications for Energy and Environmental Markets”, Singapore;

    3rd International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP3), Singapore.

  • 2016start


    University of Siena (invited speaker)

  • 2015start


    Center for North South Economic Research (CRENoS) Sassary University (invited speaker);

    Center for Energy Policy and Economy (CEPE) ETH University (invited speaker);

    University of Bologna (invited speaker);

    University of Venice Ca’ Foscari (invited speaker);

    3th Annual Conference of Green Growth Knowledge Platform, Venice.

  • 2014start


    14th International Association Energy Economics European Conference “Sustainable Energy Policies and Strategies for Europe”, Rome;

    OECD, brown bag seminar series.

  • 2012start


    12th International Association Energy Economics European Conference “Energy Challenge and Environmental Sustainability”, Venice;

    2th Concerted Action, “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive”, Copenhagen (invited speaker);

    FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei.

  • 2011start


    “Energy Efficiency: Global Innovative Policies and Instruments”, Rome, Technical Meeting in order to implement the PACE policy in Italy at ENEA in collaboration with Ministry of Economic Development; Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea; Ministry of Treasury;

    ISES International Student Energy Summit, Vancouver;

    IAFOR ACSEE 2011 “The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Environmental”, Japan;

    University of California, Berkeley ERG group (Energy and Resources Group).

  • 2010start


    7th British Institute of Energy Economics, “Energy in a Low Economy: New Roles for Government and Markets”, St John’s College Oxford;

    11th International Association Energy Economics European Conference “Energy Economy, Policies, and Supply Securities: Surviving the Global Economic Crisis”, Vilnius;

    University of California, Berkeley ERG group (Energy and Resources Group).